Hawthorn Penthouse | PROJECT INFO

Hawthorn Penthouse

We designed a rooftop garden that is highly functional, aesthetically pleasing and convenient. Starting with the standard plunge pool we added a wet edge to ensure the city views could be enhanced from the spa vista as well as adding the calming sound of water to the space. We also clad the plunge pool in limestone paving to bring its level of finish and quality in line with the rest of the project.  The steps up to the spa deck have also integrated with the custom planter filled with sculptural and texturally interesting planting.

The large curved garden bed follows the building’s external form and allows for clearer access in and around the zones. Another built in planter flanks the rear of the BBQ to hide the services below where a cantilevered umbrella is portioned to offer shade and respite for the spa in the heat of summer. Feature pots then fill the corners and line the walls of the rooftop terrace to soften the hard surfaces with greenery. Hardy plants throughout have been chosen to handle the harsh conditions. We have used 5 x pergola London plane trees to create a living pergola over the expandable dining table. The partition wall has also been enhanced with built in planters displaying trailing foliage down the once blank wall.

Extensive garden lighting enhances and lifts the space for extended evening use and provides a relaxed sophisticated mood for entertaining.

Carefully selected and coordinated furniture (all from the Mama Green collection) provides further creature comforts through this incredible space. The round lounge once again mirrors the building built form while breaking up the rigidity of the rectangular courtyard. The outdoor kitchen then just adds the finishing touches to the rooftop terrace and offers the clients the very best in alfresco dining.