Howitt Rd

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Photographer: Highlyte Photography

Working alongside architects and builders of the calibre of McKimm always presents exciting opportunities and our Howitt street project did not disappoint. Working in and around many unique spaces from large and expansive areas to tight and restricted light wells through to areas that were dropped to basement level our creative minds and skills sets were challenged and stretched however we relished the opportunity.

The long, narrow front yard entry is lined with stunning pleached slender weaver bamboo and creates the perfect, green wispy portal to the main entry door located on the side of the home. The hierarchy of paving is defined with solid concrete landings and pathways leading the main traffic flow while round steppers create the informal flow between the main zones. Maple forests with well considered under plantings all work to soften the very masculine architecture and mass of hard surfaces.

The front basement light well features a bespoke waterspout, in situ concrete bench and raised planter boxes to further enhance the green living elements of this front space. The dining room lightwell boasts 3 custom designed round green wall pods and black mirror that speak the same architectural language as the internal ribbon stairwell of the home while vertical climbers complete the unique green wall concept.

The rear space is all about leisure and entertaining with a clean pool and spa concept boasting a feature concrete flyover backdrop with repeated vertical star jasmine climbers for connection, continuity, and flow while the tennis court and the simplicity of the open clean lawn provide great functional amenity and visual appeal. The covered alfresco takes on the view of the custom Lump tricycle sculpture, feature aloe tree and scenecio under plantings.