With the unique brief of a pool being positioned in a west facing front yard with over 5.3m of fall from the footpath to the front door, this multi award winning project is a triumph of great design, engineering ingenuity, highly skilled contractors and wonderful clients who were highly committed to investing into every detail designed.

The lush resort style feel of this garden is in response to the clients brief to assist in softening the extensive retaining walls and the imposing architectural home as well as pricing a sense of privacy and intimacy in the unique front yard aspect. They needed to feel secluded, private and “not on show” when enjoying the pool space resulting in the bespoke Lump sculpture studio laser cut tea tree light box and arbor over the spa as well as large ficus hedge and other lush feature foliage.

The northern sideway boasts a stunning reflection pond and floating bench seat where a meandering circular pathway through a maple forest leads you down to the pool and spa zone. The 25 plus steps from the footpath also create an architectural experience as you navigate past the wet edge pool and large acrylic window. All the elements working together to create the clients own private resort front yard oasis.